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It is more of a multi-media online short course than a publication, but my DARPA Tutorial on Sheaves in Data Analytics is a pretty comprehensive introduction to applied sheaf theory. It includes a number of videos as well as example software and datasets. Be sure to check it out!


My Topological Signal Processing book
  1. I have published a book called Topological Signal Processing, which explains how topology in general, and sheaf theory in particular, can be used to develop new and powerful algorithms for signal processing. Here is the errata page for the book.
  2. With Stephen Casey, Kasso Okoudjou and Brian Sadler, I helped to edit a volume Sampling Theory and Applications: A Centennial Celebration of Claude Shannon, published by Springer.

Preprints and Technical Reports

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  19. (with Matthew Hubler and Mark Verdi) "Experimental validation of the azimuthal high frequency cutoff of high resolution satellite radar images of the ocean," which shows that (1) a theoretical model of the azimuthal high frequency cutoff in maritime radar images is correct, but (2) that this is not the dominant factor in determining azimuthal blurring -- the resolution can be considerably better.
  20. (with Morgan DeHart, Matt Hubler, Mark Verdi, and Zhu Zhu) "Measuring Ocean Winds from Space Using a Radar Satellite," AU-CAS-MathStats Technical Report 2014-1.
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  23. "Instability of a parabolic equation with a quadratic nonlinearity," arXiv:0704.3989, which gives an explicit construction showing that a certain critical point whose linearization is stable is in fact unstable. This is not a new result, but the proof is a good example of the blow-up method of H. Fujita.

Refereed Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

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Refereed Archival Conference Proceedings

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PySheaf logo
  1. The Python sheaf library pysheaf.
  2. A simple Python library for local simplicial homology and relative simplicial homology: simplicialHomology.


  1. "System and method for antenna pattern estimation," U.S. Patent No. 10,031,171 granted 24 July 2018. (A continuation of U.S. Patent No. 9,255,953.)
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