Tutorial on Sheaves in Data Analytics

Instructor's contact information

Michael Robinson
226 Gray Hall
michaelr at american {dot} edu

General information

What happens when math methods and even the new "big data" methods fail? It's time for new measurements, new math and new big ideas. American University's math and statistics department is working on a number of projects to research topological methods for analyzing data -- a field that visualizes and examines the geometric structure and shape of data.

Prof. Michael Robinson is using algebraic topology to develop powerful new algorithms that will be of immediate use to practitioners. He's focusing on the relationship between complex sets of data, and how they may predict, for example, the network of interactions between biological proteins, or the sonar echoes of mines buried deep at sea.

This page contains supplemental material for a tutorial for mathematicians and scientists to show them this exciting new work. You can view the proceedings through his YouTube channel. Slides and direct links to the videos for these lectures are available through links below.

Sample Datasets and Software

To make it easy to play with some example data, there is a bundled package of datasets and code. The datasets include some sample Python code and have a small list of dependencies:

Lecture slides

These are links to the slides used during the tutorial. If you find any errors, please let Prof. Robinson know and he'll happily correct them!

Readahead materials

These are some articles give an overview of the material in the tutorial. There is also a short bibliography that goes into considerably more depth.
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